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Scope of application: Toprope climbing

Where do I fix the Gigaklick?

The Gigaklick has to be installed at the topmost point of the safety chian, on the spotGigaklick wird am höchsten Punkt der Sicherungskette, anstelle des Umlenkkarabiners, montiert. 

Do I still need a common belaying device?

Yes! The Gigaklick does not replace the belaying device. It is an additional device for higher safety.

The Gigaklick may not be used for self-belaying! Intended use: by a climber and a belayer with belaying device (e.g. Gri Gri).

Can I still go leadclimbing when the Gigaklick is installed?

The Gigaklick can be fitted with an additional reversing karabiner, so that the possibility of lead climbing continues (if provided in the hall).

Does climbing and belaying with the Gigaklick make any difference?

No, the Gigaklick does not change climbing and belaying in any way. The correct handling of the belay device has to be considered!

How heavy can the climber be?

A climber weight between 14 kg - 120 kg is permitted. 

How do I release the block?

To release the rope block in the braking device, the climber needs to be pulled approximately 5 cm upwards. The block will then release and the climber can continue to be lowered.

Is the fall braked dynamically??

Gigaklick is a belaying device which brakes and then blocks the rope in the case of a dangerously high descent speed (e.g. if the belayer makes a mistake or fails to respond), thereby protecting the climber from falling.

The centrifugal forces that develop in the rope pulley in the event of increased rope speed cause the rope to be braked and blocked. The integrated braking system significantly reduces the impact force. This helps to minimise any additional injuries sustained by the climber.

Do I have to mark the rope end?

The end of the rope leading to the climber and the end of the rope leading to the belayer should now be unambiguously marked so that these cannot be confused.

We recommend affixing two carabiners to the climber’s end of the rope so that they open in the opposite direction, while tying a figure-of-eight knot in the belayer’s end of the rope, which can be covered with a plastic tube.

CAUTION: there is no belaying function if the rope is inserted incorrectly!

Which types of rope can be used?

Only dynamic single ropes in compliance with EN 892 are permitted to be used with the Gigaklick device.

Diameter range 9.5 to 10.2 mm. Commercial ropes can differ from the manufacturer’s nominal diameter by ± 0.2 mm.