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"We keep you safe" - that's our motto and the foundation of our company name.


Our goal is to minimise common hazards and to support schools, climbinggym owners and climbing instructors in their quest for the highest level of safety. 


    Team KeepU   

Berni -  Bernhard Kofler 

locksmith, metalworker and climbing instructor

Telephonnumber: +39 3297480019

eMail: bernhard@keepu.info

Andi - Andrea Meßner 

climbing instructor, staff member in the climbing gym Verikale in Brixen and sportstudent in Innsbruck.  

eMail: andrea@keepu.info



Haaaapppy birthday to the greatest and most impressive inventor I know
Gigaklick Nr


  • more safety in topropeclimbing

  • compensates belaying mistakes

  • minimises the danger of a fall to the ground


The Gigaklick braking device was developed as a stationary belaying device for use in climbing halls to minimise the danger of a fall to the ground during top rope climbing. It may also be used for mistakes during lowering and abseiling a person.




Most frequent questions: 

Do I still need a common belaying device?

Yes! The Gigaklick does not replace the belaying device. The Gigaklick may not be used for self-belaying!

Intended use: by a climber and a belayer with belaying device (e.g. Gri Gri).

How heavy can the climber be?

A user weight between 14 kg – 120 kg is permitted.


Instruction manual:

Click here to download the instruction manual.

Examination certificate:

We are sorry but the examination certificate is currently only available in German. 


Gigaklick in action: 

Since the beginning of 2018 we've installed serveral gigaklicks in local climbing gyms. Other gyms around europe have some testing devices. Below you find the link to our local climbing gyms. Send us a short note if you want to see the gigaklick in action. We are happy to show you around and let you test the gigaklicks.  


Climbing gym Vertikale Brixen

Climbing gym Bruneck





For futher questions please contact: mail@keepu.info 

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